The Packaging Industry Trends For 2021 

The new year has dawned upon us and the packaging industry is going to be revamped in 2021. It’s safe to say that 2021 has a lot in the store for the packaging companies and custom boxes manufacturers. Truth be told, the first glance is incredible different because there are geometries and drawings, and the characters. On the contrary, the trends have pivoted away from flashy to the cohesive themes that look great. 

With the year 2020, every industry saw the critical changes in the eCommerce world with each passing day and the eCommerce trend is here to stay. This is because, with eCommerce, people surely lose the ability to walk into the store and experience the brand ambiance which the majority of online businesses are unable to compensate for that experience. With this being said, the packaging designers need to ramp up the game for delivering the optimal branding piece. 

One must ensure that the goal is never replacing the in-store experience. However, to meet the consumer’s needs, the businesses need to know where the target audience will be in the forthcoming periods. For this purpose, we have established this article with which we are sharing the packaging design trends of 2021 to ensure the brand experience immersive. 

Small Patterns With Illustrations 

The illustrations and patterns are crucial in 2021 packaging trends because they are deciphered as more than embellishment. This is because the illustrations and patterns can share what the product is all about. With this being said, with the initiation of 2021, you need to look for the intricate patterns and small illustrations and it will share what’s inside the box. These illustrations are usually abstract and simplified because it delivers higher artistic rendering for the package. 

For instance, if your business is about selling fries, curating the small and simple illustrations of fries on the bags will be an amazing choice because it serves as the reminiscent of the fries. For this reason, you need to expect to see the packaging designs with simplified illustrations in gimmick ways. However, if you have to develop the illustrations, make sure that the patterns are intricate and look cute because overwhelming is not welcomed in 2021. 

Vintage Unboxing 

The unboxing experience has been a trend for everyone on Instagram for everyone. With this being said, the unboxing experience needs to be authentic and it’s moving back into time because the vintage unboxing experience will be coming back in 2021. This is because you are likely to see the packaging that has an authentic and old-school feel and look. It helps take things into a further stage because it develops the immersive experience. 

There are chances of packaging designs that will look indistinctive (imagine your grandmother’s stuff). This means that going behind the labels and logos will be essential and it will encompass the brand experience. The utilization of the vintage-inspired textures, imagery choices, external packaging, and the material will curate an experience. This is because it’s no longer about a few retro details because the package needs to be felt. 


With the emergence of 2021, the packaging trends will see the designs with simplistic niche but a fine touch of bold geometry and concepts. The bold geometry will be integrated with the sharp angles and neat lines. As far as the colors are concerned, there will be expressive colors because it literally creates the edge. 

In simpler words, pattern trends should offer an illustration of the product’s standing. This is an essential point to consider because geometry designs are abstract to some extent, unlike the illustrations and patterns that depict what is inside the packaging. Generally, it seems pretty simple but it has a higher impact on the businesses that need to make a lasting impression and curate a statement. 

The Fine Art

In this year, you are going to see the packaging where it serves as a piece of art. This trend is accelerating, especially with the high-end products but it’s coming to the mid-range products. This is because the designers are lining out the inspiration from textures and painting. They might integrate these factors into a secondary design but it can be curated as the focal point as well. 

The core objective is blurring the line between fine art and packaging design. Some of the designers are also driving inspiration from old-school thoughts, along with fluid painting or abstract painting techniques. However, the only point of concern is ensuring the texture and emulating the effects will ensure a promising outcome. 

Ink Drawings 

Are you able to decipher the theme around here for 2021? With this being said, with 2021, the custom boxes manufacturers by WeCustomBoxes will see a lot of anatomical and technical drawings. In simpler words, the companies have to let go of the commercial graphics and switch to the art gallery. It might feel like the products are being taken out of the blueprint or an anatomical illustration.


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