The trapped trio survived 33 days in coconuts. Now they are in ICE custody.

Authorities say three people who escaped in coconuts 33 days before being rescued from an uninhabited island in the Bahamas are now in U.S. immigration and customs enforcement custody.

A helicopter crew spotted the trio hoisting a large makeshift flag Monday during a routine air patrol around the Anguilla Cave, a chain of islands between the Florida Keys and Cuba, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

Two Cuban men and a woman were taken to the Lower Keys Medical Center in Key West, Florida. They were arrested Wednesday by border patrol officers and transferred to the Coast Guard at the ICE facility on Pompano Beach, Florida. Said.

The ICE did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Wednesday.

In the shared video Twitter, Members of the U.S. Coast Guard Southeast Miami team can be seen dropping food, water and a radio into the cast.

However, officials said the weather delayed rescuing them until Tuesday.

Three Cubans trapped in Anguilla prison in the Bahamas for 33 days have been rescued.USCG

The team told rescuers that they swam to a deserted island after their boat capsized in rough water. South Florida Sun-Sentinel Announced.

U.S. Coast Guard petty officer Brandon Murray told the Class 2 newspaper that their survival was no less than a miracle.

“I can’t remember the time we rescued people who were stranded on an island for more than a month,” he said. “This is a new one for me.”

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