Things to Ask Your Potential Adoption Attorney in Atlanta

Adoption is a very personal and stressful process. Therefore, you will need the expertise and support of a good adoption attorney in Atlanta. When you go for the initial meeting, ask them the following questions, so you can decide which attorney is the best to handle your case.

How Long Is Their Experience?

Remember, the initial consultation is not just about discussing the case details. It is an opportunity for you to interview the attorney to see if they have relevant experience to handle your case. During this consultation, you can also ask them about how much their expertise is dedicated to adoption law. In an ideal situation, 50-100% of their practice should be in this area. 

Also, if you are looking for overseas adoption, consider international adoption agencies in Georgia that specialize in this type of adoption. As each country has its own adoption rules, hiring an attorney that has no experience in international adoption can cause troubles during the process. 

What Type Of Adoptions Do They Handle?

Adoption can be of various types, so ask the attorney which one they are experts at handling, or whether they are experienced in providing what you want. Ask them about their previous expertise, do they handle open or confidential adoptions, or the combination of both? Do they work more closely with birth parents or with the potential adoptive parents? 

For instance, if you are planning for non-relative adoption or step-parent adoption, you need to ask your attorneys about their experience in this type of adoption. If they don’t have the relevant experience, you can move on to the next potential adoption lawyers.

What Is Their Track Record?

Ensuring the attorney is competent to handle the case or not, should be the first thing to check on the list. As the legal agency, Tom Tebeau suggests, the lawyer you hire should have the experience to handle the complications in the case. You can ask about their previous cases to determine if they can handle the legal complexity in your case or not if any.

Also, observe their track record to see if the attorney is communicative, supportive, and efficient. As this is an emotional process, these factors will come in handy. 

How Does Their Office Work?

It is a helpful question to determine what you can expect if you hire a potential attorney. Mostly, the lawyers will depend on their team to do the paperwork of the contract. Ask them how they will communicate with you during the adoption process. Also, if for some reason he/she isn’t available, is there any other attorney to address their queries?

This factor is crucial to consider, as this process is longer, you will need to have good communication with them.

How Much They Charge?

For most people, this is the most concerning factor when they want to hire an adoption attorney. You can straightforwardly ask them about the charges. Furthermore, ask them beforehand if they charge a flat fee or on an hourly basis. 

Asking these questions from your adoption attorney in Atlanta can help you make the right decision. It will also help to make the adoption process easy for you.

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