Those who are looking for the same path without being ‘friends’

No one was expecting a dramatic change. The bonds of the relationship have become so loose that it is not possible to return to the previous place with a single attempt. That’s it. The first meeting between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin has only given a ‘pull’ to the thread of relations between the two countries. But to get closer, you have to cross the distance of ‘disunity’ in between.

Observers say Biden and Putin will not be friends but will find common ground. The Geneva talks, held through mutual respect, could be a direction for the development of relations between the two countries. Both leaders have admitted this.

Biden told a news conference after a meeting in Geneva about Putin, who was once called a “murderer,” a “worthy opponent.” They will look at the common interests between them. However, the US President also admitted that there are differences between the two. But it is not vindictive. He described his talks with Putin as “positive”.

Calling Biden “an experienced politician,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was “very different” from his predecessor, former President Donald Trump. The three-hour discussion between the two was ‘very constructive’. He said there was no hostile attitude. We’re interested in understanding each other.

Although the two leaders did not hold a single press conference at the end of the meeting. However, a joint statement was issued after the two held a separate press conference.

At the Biden-Putin meeting in Geneva’s La Grainz villa, it was agreed to start talks on arms control and to bring the recalled ambassadors back to each other’s capitals. Washington has accused Russia of “mediating” in the 2020 US presidential election. Then in March, the two countries withdrew their ambassadors on the basis of mutual agreement. The two leaders also agreed to carry out diplomatic activities in exchange for prisoners.

Ian Bremer, president of Eurasia Group, a New York-based research institute, said: “Biden is a man who wants a constructive relationship in general. But he will not consider Putin a friend. ”

Biden and Putin did not invite each other to their respective countries. Usually, in face-to-face meetings, one party invites the other party to visit their country.

The two sides agreed at the meeting to discuss cybersecurity and agreed to work together on the issue, Putin said. He said the two countries have had practical discussions on some issues. It is difficult to say whether relations with the United States will improve, but there is little hope for mutual trust.

After Putin came to the press conference, US President Biden spoke with determination, but there was some harmony in his voice. Biden said he was not against Russia or anyone else. He is only working for the American people.

The US president said the talks ended ahead of schedule, adding that they did not need more time for talks. He said he hoped to improve relations with Russia.

The two leaders later said in a joint statement that “the two countries have demonstrated that they can make progress towards common goals, even in times of tension.”

But Republicans believe Biden needed to be more “aggressive” at the Geneva meeting. Democrats say Biden “did not let Putin speak the truth.” Senator Bob Menendez said, “the Geneva meeting is a departure from Trump’s position on the Kremlin.”

Putin met with the fifth US president during his tenure. After meeting with Putin in 2001, George W. Bush said he had “found his (Putin’s) mind.” Barack Obama, like his predecessors, expressed hope for a return to relations with Russia. However, Trump was full of praise for Putin. During a meeting with Putin in Helsinki, Finland, on July 16, 2016, Trump said in a statement that Russia had not interfered in the US elections. Putin also openly said he wanted to see Trump as president.

The Biden-Putin meeting at La Grainz Villa in Geneva is reminiscent of the 1975 Cold War-era meeting between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. However, this time the conference is less tense with strategic nuclear weapons and competitive ideology than at that time. Sources: AFP, BBC, Reuters.

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