Travel security was tightened after persecution of members of Congress

WASHINGTON – Security will be tightened when members of Congress travel, following the persecution of at least three legislators at airports for supporters of President Donald Trump attacking US capital and failing to support an attempt to overturn election results.

Washington Metropolitan Airport Authority and U.S. The Air Marshals will increase security for congressional travel to and from Washington, according to a memo received by NBC News.

The memo calls on members of Congress to consider submitting plans to law enforcement officials in Dallas, Ronald Reagan National and Baltimore / Washington airports to “ensure increased security appearance”.

Capitol Police will be parked at airports with the January 20 opening ceremony of President-elect Joe Biden.

The memo was released a few days after Republican Sense. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina and Mitt Romney of Utah have struggled with Trump supporters moving to their home states.

In a video posted online, a woman walked up to Romney while working on a computer at Salt Lake City airport and described him as “disgusting” The Associated Press reported.

In a separate incident at Reagan Airport, Trump supporters called Graham “a traitor” for refusing to support claims that the presidential election was “fraudulent.” The video was posted on Twitter.

California spokesman Lou Correa, a Democrat, was harassed while boarding a flight to Los Angeles in Dallas this week, his spokesman said.

“I was doing my job and fulfilling my constitutional duty to certify the people’s choice for President Joe Joe Biden,” Korea said in a statement. “One problem was clear to all these people. They got up in my face about it. But my members know, I will not back down from a fight and will always stand up for my community and our democracy.”

While traveling, members of Congress and their staff are advised to be “vigilant” and report any suspicious or unusual actions immediately, the memo says.

Capitol Police and other law enforcement agencies have come under fire for not preparing better for Wednesday’s violent incursion, prompting Chief Steven Chund to announce his resignation.

The riots culminated in the deaths of a U.S. Capitol police officer and a Trump supporter, and three supporters died in medical emergencies.

Biden criticized what he described as a double standard between how law enforcement reacted to the pro-Trump mob and how it treated Black Lives Matter supporters in the summer.

“If a group of Black Lives Matter had been involved in the protest yesterday, no one would have told me that they would not have been treated so differently from the mob of thugs who attacked Capitol,” he said Thursday. “We all know it’s true. It’s unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable.”

Alex Moe reported from Washington and Alicia Victoria Lozano from Los Angeles.

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