March 7, 2021

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Trump qualifies Scott Morrison force for ‘leadership in tackling global challenges’ | Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison has been awarded the “Leadership in Facing Global Challenges” and a prestigious U.S. military outfit for strengthening the federation of Australia and the United States.

Donald Trump qualified for Morrison along with former and current leaders of US allies including Japan and India.

The awards for Morrison, Shinzo Abe and Narendra Modi were presented by US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien to Washington on Monday evening.

The Legion of Merit is an American military decoration that is also given to military and political figures of foreign governments.

According to the official National Security Council Twitter account, Morrison’s award is “for his leadership in tackling global challenges and improving collective security”.

A spokesman for Morrison said: “Overnight, the Prime Minister was presented with an award for US troops.

The award was accepted by Australian Ambassador to the United States Arthur Synodinos, who acknowledged that Morrison had “strengthened the federation between the United States and Australia.”

Morrison is not the first Australian to receive this award. It has been presented to former Prime Minister Robert Menzies, former military leaders Angus Campbell and David Morrison, and former Secretary-General of the Defense Forces and current Governor-General David Hurley.

The ambassadors also accepted the awards of Indian Prime Minister Modi and former Japanese Prime Minister Abe.

Modivas praised Abe for “elevating the US-India strategic partnership”, while Abe was awarded “for his leadership and vision for an independent and open Indo-Pacific nation.”

Since becoming Prime Minister in August 2018, Morrison has loved Trump closely and was rewarded with a full ceremonial welcome during his September 2019 trip to the US.

During the trip, Morrison attended a Trump rally in Wapagonetta, Ohio, praising Trump’s political priorities, and the couple expressed the view that “they share the same views.”

Although friendly relations with the US President are generally considered favorable to the Australian Prime Minister, Voting suggests Most Australians would have voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

Following Trump’s defeat in the November presidential election, Morrison, along with other world leaders, congratulated Biden on his victory.

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has accused Morrison of being “stunned” by Trump, warning that after Morrison goes “completely” with his US envoy on foreign affairs and climate change, he must now change direction to avoid it. Australia is seen as a “Trump-light refuge” in the Southern Hemisphere.

In the aftermath of Biden’s election, Australia has become increasingly isolated in its climate change policy because the United States pursues a net zero emission, which Morrison opposes proposing as Australia’s official emissions reduction target.

Australia has also been embroiled in a trade dispute with China, somewhat motivated by Morrison’s call for World Health Organization researchers to seek “weapons analyst” style powers to investigate the origins of Covit-19, a move in line with China’s rhetoric in dealing with the corona virus. .