U.S. Marshal shot dead by escapee in Baltimore

The U.S. Marshal was shot dead Thursday morning as he tried to work on an arrest warrant at the home of a Baltimore fugitive who wanted an assassination attempt.

The shooting happened at a house on North Mount Street as members of the Capital Region Regional Task Force tried to arrest 34-year-old Donde Green.

Greens was wanted on 19 charges, including attempted murder, armed robbery and handgun violations. Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison told a news conference that he had opened fire on Green officers at a grocery store on Jan. 30.

“Since then our warrant fear team has been actively seeking the arrest of Mr. Green,” he said.

Green was considered a “high-risk fugitive”, so US marshals were asked to help arrest him.

Authorities said deputies knocked and then entered the home. As the apartment was cleared, the Greens began firing from inside a closet. He hit an accomplice in the body, authorities said.

Deputies turned the fire on and attacked the Greens in a dangerous manner.

The injured sub was taken to R Adams Cowley Trauma Center in critical condition. A doctor told a news conference Thursday morning that he had surgery and was on life support.

Authorities declined to name the injured spouse, citing “privacy and other concerns.”

Mayor Brandon Scott called Tuesday’s incident a “very dangerous situation.”

“We have to remember that we will follow these violent criminals. But remember, those who go down and try to track down those people are the heroes, because we know that people are not always going the easy way,” he said.

The shooting is being investigated by the Baltimore Police Department.

The incident comes days after two FBI agents were killed and three others were injured in a shooting in Sunrise, Florida. David Lee Hooper, a gunman, was killed in Tuesday’s crash.

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