U.S. News Names CSUF Online Graduate Programs Nation ‘Best’

U.S. Three Call State Fullerton online graduate programs – Education, Business and Engineering – are among the top 25 schools across the country, released on January 26 by News & World Report’s 2021 Best Online Programs list. All four CSUF projects are in the top three locations nationwide.

The College of Education’s Complete Online Masters Program advanced to 4th place out of 317 schools, up from 20th in 2020 to 38th and 38thTh Listed in 2019. Programs for educators are number one in California. The curriculum and instruction program is ranked 26th in the country, 2nd in the state, and 15th behind San Diego State University.

The university ranks 17th out of 184 in the nation in online masters business offered by the College of Business and Economics, and 2nd in California behind the USC. There is no MBA in the category. Online business projects in 184 schools were reviewed into five categories: Involvement, Expert Opinion, Teacher Certifications and Training, Student Excellence and Student Services and Technologies.

The College of Engineering and Computer Science’s full online graduate programs also advanced to 25th out of 105, from 29thTh CSUF’s engineering projects are the third largest in California, followed by UCLA and USC.

U.S. to design 2021 list of best online projects. News evaluates more than 1,200 online degrees in academic quality across multiple disciplines.

In September, the U.S. News ranked Call State Fullerton 16th among regional universities in the western division of the best college of its 2021 edition. U.S. News CSUF ranks third and 40th for its undergraduate teaching programTh In schools of excellent value.

To learn more about CSUF rankings, visit Here, And to learn more about the best online shows of 2021, visit American News and World Report Website.

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