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For the second year in a row, The Stony Brook University School of NursingThe online master program is ranked in the top 10 schools across the country American News and World Report In its 2021 college rankings.

NursingThe program has been in the top 20 for online graduate nursing programs in all but one of the last eight years. In 2020, the project was ranked 7th and in 2021 it was ranked 9th The best online masters in nursing programs. School officials said the change in rankings from last year to this year may have been due to a slight decline in the number of teachers because additional hiring was difficult due to the epidemic.

The School of Nursing began offering online education in 1994. It started with a midwife program and developed into a series of other nurse coach education programs. This has led to the development and refinement of more than 25 years of innovative online programs to provide a solid foundation of new online learning applications for nurses and future nurses.

“Our long-standing experience over the past year of continuing to succeed through online learning in responding to health needs and educational changes during epidemics is crucial,” said Annette Wysoki, dean of the school’s nursing. “Our constant focus on content and presentation methods provides students with visual, graphic and other ways of accessing content, as well as engaging actively with simulated medical experiences on online education sites.”

According to U.S. News, The online graduate nursing data used as a means of calculating rankings consists of five parts: engagement (30 percent); Expert opinion (20 percent); Teacher Certification and Training (20 percent); Services and technologies (20 percent); And student excellence (10 percent).

For more information on the method, See this link.

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