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Washington, Jan.12, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The U.S. global authority on rating and consumer advice. News & World Report revealed today 2021 Best Jobs. At a time when health care is more important than ever, the industry dominates the job list, with 42 out of 100 top jobs in health care or health care support roles.

After ranked No. 3 since 2017, Physician Assistant ranks No. 1, while software developer ranks No. 2 after topping the list for three consecutive years. The Nurse Trainer placed 3rd and the Medical and Health Service Manager placed 4th in the top 10.

The rankings see the best jobs in 17 lists – from such fields Business And Technology – Helping job seekers at every level achieve their career goals. They take into account the most important aspects of a job, including growth potential, work-life balance, and salary.

“The need and value of health care professionals is something that has strengthened the global epidemic,” he says Antonio Barbera, U.S. Consumer Advisor Editor at News. “This year’s rankings confirm that for many it is a good industry, generally with higher average wages and lower unemployment rates.”

Health care also ranks high among the best jobs K 100 k. Fifteen of the top 25 on this list are health care professionals. The orthodontist is in first place, followed by an anesthesiologist in 2nd place and oral and maxillofacial surgeon in 3rd place. These – along with the other five health positions around the top 8 – are the average salary , 000 200,000.

Along with the flight attendant, the data scientist was added to the overall 2021 best jobs ranking this year. Due to its strong growth rate, relatively high salary, good work-life balance and solid job placement rating, this job entered the top 10 in 8th place.

“In a growing digital society, there is a strong demand for technically talented employees. As many of the current and future workers are evaluating their goals and lifestyle needs this year, technical jobs are attractive to those who value higher pay and the ability to work remotely,” says Barbera.

The 2021 Best Job Ranking provides job seekers with detailed information on training and educational needs, average salary and job satisfaction in various fields. Social services, Education, Construction, And Creative and Media. For individuals interested in continuing Science, Technology, Engineering And mathematics, also known as STEM fields, in the US. News compiles Excellent STEM jobs.

In order to calculate the best jobs, the U.S. News draws data from the American Bureau of Labor Statistics. Jobs were scored using seven component measures: 10-year growth rate, 10-year growth percentage, average salary, employment rate, future employment, stress level and work-life balance. For more information on how the rankings were calculated, see Method.

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2021 US News Best Jobs Rankings
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100 Best Jobs

1. Physician Assistant

2. Software developer

3. Nurse Trainer

4. Medical and Health Services Manager

5. Physician

Excellent technical jobs

1. Software developer

2. Data Scientist

3. ID Manager

4. Information Security Analyst

5. Computer Systems Analyst

Better health jobs

1. Physician Assistant

2. Nurse Trainer

3. Physician

4. Speech-language pathologist

5. Dentist

Excellent business jobs

1. Medical and Health Services Manager

2. Statistics

3. Financial Manager

4. Financial Advisor

5. Functional Research Analyst

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