U.S. News & World Report: Presia and KWC have the best online undergraduate programs | News

Wesleyan College, Kentucky and the University of Brescia have each been named one of the 2021 Best Online Project Reports by American News and World Report

KWC ranked 122nd and Presia 234th out of 357 schools in the Best Online Project Report. KWC was ranked 92nd out of 145 in the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Online Undergraduate Business Plan for 2021.

According to its website, U.S. News & World Report helps online colleges and universities select the best schools for the best students, rated schools based on engagement, services and technologies, faculty credentials and training and expert opinion.

The website states that part of the report’s journaling process is how schools offer online programs and evaluate their effectiveness in awarding affordable degrees at a reasonable time.

Rebecca Francis, the college’s associate dean and director of KWC adult and online education, said the school is proud to regain national recognition for its online programming. The school “focuses on providing a strong learning experience for our students in a comfortable and welcoming environment,” he said.

“The continued growth of our online enrollment reflects KWC’s reputation for excellence, teachers’ commitment to quality and the tremendous success of our online students, ”Francis said.

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The president of the University of Prussia, the Rev. Fr. Larry Hostetter echoed these reports, and said he was always pleased when the school’s programs were recognized for all their hard work and ensured that its teachers and staff had a “great experience” for students.

Admitting a Premier online graduation program, especially this year, is important, he said.

“The online higher education market is very competitive now, and any difference like this, especially since our online program is so big, is very important to us,” Hostetter said.

Usually during times of economic downturn, colleges and universities see an increase in admissions. Not this year, the hostess said.

Epidemic has caused a lot of stress for students, so a strong online graduation program will be helpful to current students and will be integrated into helping the university “re-create the post-epidemic program,” he said.

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