March 7, 2021

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U.S. teen jailed in Cayman Islands gets reduced sentence for violating Govt ethics

Imprisonment was reduced after his lawyer filed an appeal, arguing that the sentence was “particularly severe” for an American college student who violated the mandatory 14-day isolation protocol for visitors in the Cayman Islands.

A spokesman for the Cayman Islands Court of Appeals told NBC News in an email on Tuesday that the jail term for 18-year-old Skyler Mac and her boyfriend Vanche Ramjeet, 24, had been reduced from four to two months.

The couple’s lawyer said the two were incredibly sorry for their actions.

“They both expressed real regret, a genuine appreciation for the seriousness of what happened, a genuine request for some kind of apology,” Jonathan Hughes said.

Skylar Mac.Cayman Compass

Mac is a pre-med student from Georgia who met her boyfriend for a jet-skiing competition in the Cayman Islands. Mack, who has not been isolated for two weeks, said he was isolated for only two days before attending his boyfriend’s match and tested negative for Covit-19.

Skyler’s grandmother Jean Mack said on Monday that she wanted her granddaughter to return home.

“She knew she had made a mistake, it belonged to her, but she’s so crazy right now,” Jean said.

Hughes said laws in the Cayman Islands allow people subject to 60 percent of their sentences to be released on conditional release for less than a year. Hughes said the pair will be released on January 19 or 20.

According to the government Covit-19 Dashboard, The Cayman Islands, a British overseas area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 65,000 people, recorded 316 cases and 2 deaths.