A terrifying corona virus mutation that appeared in the UK has gone to the United States, sparking fears of an even more dangerous crisis to come.

The new super-infectious B117 corona virus variant was detected in the United States, the first patient in Colorado and a day later, the second in Southern California.

The Colorado or San Diego County patient has no known travel history, indicating that variation appeared within the community.

Britain managed to triple its numbers when it was locked up, while the most common strain reduced its spread by a third.

Dr. Anthony Fossie, a White House Infectious Diseases consultant, said more cases had already been filed in more states and that the spread of the malignant strain was “inevitable” across the United States.

“When you have so much in the UK, it spreads to Europe, Canada and other countries, and it’s inevitable to be here,” he said.

“The spread of these mutants is far more efficient than the standard virus we have been dealing with so far.

“That is, it can bind better to receptors in cells, so it spreads better.

“It appears… This particular mutation actually makes the virus better at transmitting from one person to another.

“You will hear reports from other states and more cases in the already reported state. Unfortunately, this is the reality of the way these viruses are spread.”

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The study of the most contagious variant shows that it is 56 percent more contagious than other strains.

Researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine have found that the spread of the corona virus strain in the UK could lead to more hospital admissions and deaths this year.

A new strain appeared in the UK in September, and by December, two-thirds of cases in Greater London had been identified as genetically new variants.
Patrick Valens, Britain’s chief scientific adviser, said before Christmas that there were nearly two dozen mutations in the mutant that could affect proteins produced by the corona virus.

Concerns have been raised that tests, treatments and vaccines have begun to roll.

However, Europe’s health regulator, Pfizer Inc., said that this variant was not enough to avoid a shot at Bioendech SE.

The strain has now entered 20 countries, including Australia, India, Denmark, Singapore and Europe.

In the United States, the number of corona virus cases surpassed 18 million just before Christmas, as the virus increased nationwide, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Fucci said that despite the high incidence of infections, B117 strain “does not appear to be highly viral, meaning it makes people more sick and leads to more deaths.”

Dr. Fucci, who recently received the first dose of the modern vaccine, said that if the United States “diligently vaccinated” next year, the country could begin to feel normal again in the fall.

By then, 70 to 85 percent of the population would have been vaccinated, he said, adding that herd immunity could be achieved.

“When we come to an early fall, we will have good herd immunity enough to actually regain some of the strongest resemblance inherent in schools, theaters, sporting events, restaurants,” he said.

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