Walt Disney to buy clothes from Bangladesh again: BGMEA

Walt Disney stopped buying clothes from Bangladesh in 2013 after the Tazreen Fashions fire and the Rasa Plaza collapse.

A press release issued by BGMEA on Friday said that Walt Disney had considered including Bangladesh in its list of approved sourcing countries in view of international labor standards audit.

However, no official announcement has been made by Walt Disney yet, BGMEA said.

Farooq Hassan, President of the organization, said, “The overall progress and transformation of the garment industry in Bangladesh, especially in the areas of workplace safety, social standards and environmentally sustainable management, is recognized by this move by El Walt Disney.” Priority will be given to the factories involved in the international initiative ‘RMG Sustainability Council’ or RSC and ILO’s ‘Better Word Bangladesh’ project.

After the Tazreen Fashions fire in 2012 and the Rana Plaza collapse in Savar in 2013, there was concern among the buyer countries about the working environment of Bangladesh’s ready-made garment industry. Many foreign organizations called for a boycott of Bangladeshi clothing.

Accordingly, the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, abbreviated as Accord, was formed by 228 European buyers to inspect the factory. And an alliance of American buyers formed for the same purpose became known as the Alliance. In addition, the government formed the Remediation Co-ordination Council (RCC) in collaboration with donor agencies.

Then began the massive reform work in the garment industry of Bangladesh. Various action plans are implemented to improve the infrastructure of the factory, reduce the number of accidents caused by fire, and protect the health of the workers. Apart from this, training was started to develop the skills of the workers at the initiative of various donor agencies.

Apart from this, various programs have been implemented by the owners’ association BGMEA to produce high value products, add value to garments and diversify their products, so that huge sums of money have been invested. QIMA, a Hong Kong-based supply chain compliance solutions provider, has ranked Bangladesh as the second highest ‘ethical manufacturing’ country in its latest report.

The ratings take into account criteria such as hygiene, health and safety, child and young workers, labor practices including forced labor, labor representation, disciplined practice and inequality, working hours and wages, and waste management. most environmentally friendly factory in the world. 144 factories in Bangladesh have received USGBC’s Lead Green Certificate, of which 41 are platinum level.

Walt Disney, one of the largest buyers of outerwear in the world, used to buy children’s clothes from Bangladesh. Before removing Bangladesh’s name from the list of sourcing countries, they used to buy clothes worth about কোটি 500 million a year from Bangladesh.

Even before the outbreak of the epidemic, Bangladesh was the second largest exporter of readymade garments in the world. At that time, Bangladesh’s exports amounted to 34 billion dollars, which is 7.8 percent of the world’s total garment exports.

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