What you need to know about King size mattress pad.

A king size mattress pad is made up of materials that give comfortability, breathability, soft feeling and improve the quality of sleep of the users. 

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning your king size mattress pad is very easy but you must adhere to instructions slated on the care label. 

Wash the king size mattress pad using a cool or warm water and a mild detergent. After washing, rinse well and dry your pad. Make sure you dry your pad according to recommendations which could be tumble drying, machine drying or air drying. 

Will you need a specific mattress pad?

If you feel so much heat and always wake up sweating profusely, you will not have a good sleep because you tend to wake up intermittently just to cool your body temperature which is very detrimental to health. 

So you might need to ask yourself if there is a specific mattress pad that can solve this heat issue.  The answer to this question is yes and what you need is the cooling mattress pad. 

Generally, a mattress has a great affinity to radiate heat which makes the body get hot and uneasy. A cooling mattress pad is made to tackle this problem because it is made up of materials that can absorb heat and designed to prevent you from becoming heated up while you are asleep. 

Apart from the cooling effect, a cooling mattress pad makes your mattress become soft, more cushioning and comfortable all through the night. 

How it works

The cooling mattress pad has a lot of functions it performs and they are explained below. 

  1. Body temperature regulation

The cooling mattress pad aids in the regulation of the body temperature while sleeping all through the night. 

  1. Active and Passive cooling mattress  pads 

The cooling mattress pad can be in two forms which are

  1. Active cooling mattress pad: It makes use additional devices such as a fan that is attachable and water pumps which serve as coolants. This cooling mattress pad is very expensive but it worths it. 
  2. Passive cooling mattress pad: It is made up of materials such as natural latex gotten from rubber trees, cooling gel beads and gel-infused memory foam which help to absorb and dispel heat depending on the condition of the environment. 

Its benefits 

Making use of a cooling mattress pad gives you a lot of benefits and they are explained below. 

  1. Sound sleep all round the year

A cooling mattress pad helps you to enjoy your sleep all round the year because it has the ability to regulate your body temperature in different seasons with respect to your body heat. 

  1. Full Comfort

A cooling mattress pad is capable of absorbing moisture and regulating temperature levels which keep you cool and aid to enjoy a comfortable sleep.

  1. Saves cost 

A cooling mattress pad saves you the cost of purchasing other additional cooling agents because it already cools down the whole heat for your comfortability. 


This is an enlightenment on the need for a king size mattress pad as well as a cooling mattress pad, get the right mattress pad and enjoy your sleep. 


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